The Motel 6 Workout


Since I’m on the road, I thought I’d share with you my very own Motel 6 Workout, 2012 Edition

It’s good anywhere you have a space the size of a yoga mat — though I will say, it’s useful to have a floor clean enough to lie on! So next time on the road, no excuses — put this one on blast|repeat, and bust out this 20 minute fat blaster.

1) Stretch your arms, hamstrings, & quads 

2) 30 Squats, hold down for 30, repeat 3 times. 

3) 1 Minute Plank followed by 1 Minute Mountain Climbers followed by 1 Minute Bicycle Kicks

4) 30 Right Lunges, hold down for 30, repeat 3 times.

5) 30 Left Lunges, hold down for 30, repeat 3 times.

6) Turn on CNN (or any cable news, for that matter)

5 pushups each time you hear any of the following words:

election, iran, economy, white house, polling, candidates, tweet, correspondent, and expert.

 Add them up when more than one is used in a sentence.

ie: “Our expert correspondent at the White House tweeted that the candidates of the election are concerned about new polling on the economy and Iran.”

That’s worth 45. 

Do’em until you’re all out of pushups. 

7) Squat against the wall for an entire commercial break.  

8) Stretch, and rejoice knowing you didn’t let your vacation get in the way of your butt-kicking.

another one of my favorite travel workouts




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