10 Minute Body Weight Workout


10 Minute Body Weight Workout

Maybe you’re short on time, but you know you want to break a sweat in the next ten. Work these steps hard enough, and you might have earned yourself the day’s workout in the time it takes most folks finish checking their e-mail.

1 Minute Stretch. legs wide, touch it down, grab one ankle and then the next. turn for a deep runners lunge on both sides. feet back together, and raise it up one vertebrae at a time. pull one arm toward the chest, then the other. ready to play.

2 Minute Warm Up. Jacks for 15. High Knees for 15. Butt Kicks for 15. Lateral Touchdowns for 15. Repeat all four. Take 30 seconds to catch your breath.

1 Minute of Nonstop Pushups. Don’t cheat, get as close down to the floor as you can, modify as needed by elevating your hands onto a higher surface. Phone Book, Bed, or even the wall — you’ll make gains soon enough. 30 seconds off when you’re done.

1 Minute of Nonstop Bicycle Kicks. Get down on your back, put your hands around your head, and bring your opposite knee to your opposite elbow. Repeat vigorously until your time’s up. 30 seconds off.

1 Minute of Nonstop Squat Jumps. Squat down and explode up. Land in a squat and lower. Up and down, up and down. 30 seconds off when it’s over.

1 Minute of Burpie Bootcamps. Throw your hands in the air and jump as high as you can. Land on your feet and bend over to sink your hands into the floor. Thrust your feet out behind you so you plank out. Do a push up. Throw your feet back toward your hands and straighten up. Repeat. Finish hard.

Take a minute to stretch it out when you’re done and there you have it. Chances are, those beads of sweat will be just starting to form. Maybe you should consider hitting it for just another round… maybe 10 more minutes?


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