A Quick (but effective) Run

One surefire way to pepup that morning, this GIVERS tune gets you out of bed and onto the treadmill.

Stretch and Jogging Intervals

touch it down for those hams; pull the ankle behind your tush for those quads; plant the heal/pull the toes for some calves. You’re ready to hit the road.

Time your workout with music by choosing songs that have distinct choruses. Hit it hard every time that refrain shows up. 7 songs will help you kick it about 30 minutes.

2 songs at a relaxed pace.

4 songs with jogging verses and sprinting choruses

1 song cool down

1 song stretch

come back tomorrow, and we’ll do a song analysis — show you how to fire up some brutal intervals with your favorite tunes.


About musegym

choral conductor, english major, IT technician, kickbox instructor, accountant. do what you want
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